As in when a virus attacks the body, it invades the cells of its host in order to survive and replicate. That is when the immune system reacts by circulating T cells looking for infections in the body.  And therefore, it is always advised to have a strong immune system. A healthy balanced diet can help achieve the target. Same is the case with financial fitness. One needs to have a balanced portfolio. But there are hard times as what we’re witnessing now, when the world is suffering and is medically unequipped to fight the virus, which has led to an economic turmoil around the globe.

P2P Lending in COVID ERA
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This is when innovations take place. US developed a system called “Multi-Patient Ventilator” which as against the traditional ventilator can provide oxygen support to 4 patients with one ventilator system. The economy too needs a ventilator, which comes in the form of increase in cash flow/liquidity. But it is a time where we need to move ahead of traditional lending platforms and move towards more inclusive ones. P2P lending is one such platform. Leveraging technology, P2P lending can have deeper roots. A “Multi-Patient Ventilator” helps both the doctors and the patients. Same is with P2P lending, it helps borrowers to get easy access to cheap funds and investors to garner high returns with a single point of access.

In times like today, where social distancing has been recognised as the only way out to avoid the spread of the virus, P2P lending can be a game changer in bringing back the wheels of economy back on track by supporting tier 3 & 4 population by providing 100% online access to funds.

A diet plan has many minerals & nutrients. But It is always advised to have a high protein diet to improve strength and immunity. Debt has a varied basket of investments, where ROI is highly varied in each category. Investments made through P2P lending platforms provides higher returns as compared to other debt products.

A doctor prescribes a medicine and its duration as per the need of human body and type of disease. P2P lending platforms have designed loans as per the needs of the borrowers. Both loan purpose and loan term are flexible. And Investors can lend money as per their desire of deployment of funds and expectation of return. Humans have always had borrowed money from friends and relatives but in times when everybody is short of funds and running for cash in hand, P2P can be a blessing in disguise. And High interest rates can turn black hair into grey soon therefore, it’s always advised, precaution is better than cure.

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