So, you have decided to start investing a part of salary every month. Do you have a plan how to go about it? Investing is a matter of great analysis and patience. We've prepared this guide to help investing beginners planning to invest a percentage of their monthly income.

It does not matter whether the money invested is big or small. It all comes down to whether you are willing to take the necessary steps to achieve your financial goals. In general, most people tend to utilize their money on daily expenses and other expenditures that come their way. If you try to map out how much you are spending on these expenses, you will know how many expenses you can cut to grow your savings and use it to invest later.

For instance, you are earning about Rs.15,000 per month. It can get tough to keep up with daily expenditures, but if you can set aside, say Rs.500 per month. You will save up to Rs.6000 at the end of the year.

And with this extra money, you can start investing in companies, your P2P Portfolio or even stocks. However, it is better to save more money to yield better profits from the future investments you plan to start.

And here are some of the tips on how to invest your salary every month.

Set Up Your Investment Goals.

Having several obligations in life like having a family, supporting the children financially for schools and colleges, and to face retirement when the time comes. It can be quite confusing to plan for it especially for middle class Indians.

But, do not let this fear stop you from achieving your investment goals. It is better to know what challenges you might face in the future. So, setting up your investment goals as early as possible increase your chances of better financial stability in future.

Calculate the earnings you might get from the investment vehicles along with how much money you should spend on them. Make accurate adjustments to save up that investment money you need to earn profits in the future.

Make a Strategic Investment Plan.

The one mistake that everybody makes in terms of expenditure is spending their monthly income on daily expenses first and then using the leftover money for making investments.

If you want to invest your salary money the right way, try to make your investment savings your first expenditure of the month. This investment plan could give leeway to achieving your goals safer and fast.

You could also deposit money directly to your investment fund as soon as you get your paycheck at the end of the month. This move will help you manage your expenses for the month more effectively.

Understand Risks When You Invest.

After setting up your investment goals and plans, you will probably gain a significant amount of knowledge on the matter. You can now look at the bigger picture of what risks are manageable and what is not.

"Risk Appetite", a key term that comes around a lot when do research and analysis on investing. It simply means what sort of risk an investor is capable of taking, the risk appetite varies depending on your fund situations. To identify your risk appetite, stimulate your portfolio against worst possible scenarios and your backup plan against it, the percentage of loss you can endure will define your risk appetite.

Know Your Investment Options

Once you have identified your investing capability, next thing comes where to invest it. The market have plethora of options suitable of beginners. With Recurring Deposits and mutual funds being very popular with masses, there's also other alternative investment options that comes with great rate of interest while very low risk.

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Get Help From Financial Advisors.

If you want to get a second opinion on investing your salary efficiently, it is best to seek financial advisors who can guide you on the right path. They could advise you to save your monthly income in percentages.

In general, it is wise to save money between the range of 10% and 15% of your income.

For example, if you earn Rs.20,000 as your monthly salary. And if you save 10% of that income for a year, you will have around Rs. 24,000 at the end of the year. With this money saved in your investment fund, you can quickly start trading money.

Moreover, if your salary increases to a certain percentage every year, your investment fund savings also increase simultaneously. And imagine in ten years, how much money would gain from following this percentage-based savings technique.

It is never too late to start investing money, and age does not matter because it all comes down to using the money wisely through investments.

Above all, stay focused on investing and following the market trends to keep yourself updated. So, when the time comes to support your family, you will know what to do.